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Residential Compound

A family project with direct views of the Marmara Sea, And on the gardens that extend around the project.
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Investment Shop

Real estate investment in Turkey is available in the shops of a complex in the most prestigious...
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Sun of Silivri is the most distinguished project in Silivri as it constituted a quantum leap in...
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Special Offers

The project combines different concepts and opens new doors for your dreams that combine high-end...
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Agreements between Turkey and Libya

Focused on reconstruction and energy. Details of recent agreements between Turkey and Libya The...
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Investing in Turkey

Goldman Sachs and European Development and Reconstruction are investing in Turkey The US...
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Demand for prefabricated wooden houses increased after Corona

The Corona pandemic has pushed people to move towards living in the bosom of nature - These houses...
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Turkey aims to produce 60 thousand barrels of oil per day during 2021

The Oil Company in Turkey: The goal is to produce 60 thousand barrels of oil per day during...
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